As at 23 September 2021, the Company had been notified, in accordance with the DTRs, of the following interests representing 3 per cent or more of the voting rights in the issued share capital of the Company:

Name of holderTotal holding
of shares
% of total
voting rights
Artemis Investment Management28,096,23312.21%
Mr Mark Ward22,618,6769.83%
Hargreaves Lansdown, stockbrokers (EO)20,963,3599.11%
Eldose Babu16,142,3637.02%
A J Williams15,800,3556.87%
River and Mercantile Asset Management15,440,9416.71%
Interactive Investor (EO)11,084,0774.82%
GLG Partners CfD8,485,6173.69%
JP Morgan as collateral8,442,6173.67%
Cibra Ltd7,261,0543.16%